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Water sport’s in Ayia Napa is a great way to spend an afternoon or two. You can enjoy the extremities of the fast action hold on for your life kind of activities being pulled around by a speed boat or riding the wave’s on a 180bhp jet ski. The more adventurous individual’s can participate in Diving in the beautiful Mediterranean sea in various location’s around the island but if your a new beginner you can be trained from scratch starting in your hotel pool. If your in a group and you want to challenge each other then you can try the water football a couple of km out of the centre which is great fun and can be a little rough and ready so expect a bruise or two.

Water sport’s in Ayia Napa do vary in price so if you want to save a little money but still enjoy activities such as water sport’s then it’s a good idea to shop around a little. Their are many different places to go to but we find that the popular location’s have the slightly more expensive facilities which don’t differ much in quality than the cheaper places on the outskirt’s. Water sport’s in Ayia Napa are on almost every beach and are easy to find and it’s definitely a great experience if you can spare the time and money. Multiple water sport’s are available to enjoy in many different way’s such as water ski’s, banana boat, flying fish, jet boat self drive, parachute, boat trip’s, crazy squab, doughnut’s, pedal boat, wind surfing, kayak’s, crazy ufo, stingray’s, Octopus, stealth, and the crazy solo’s to name a few.
You can ride or fly solo or with friend’s and you get well looked after and correctly instructed before you begin. Do not participate in any sport’s of any kind under the influence of alcohol and please abide by the rules of your instructor as some water sport’s can be very dangerous. So experience the full velocity of extreme water sport’s in Ayia Napa and enjoy riding the waves of the med in the crystal clear water’s in the blistering sunshine of your Ayia Napa holiday.