The Ayia Napa strip is the heart of the action and hosts most of the bars and club hotspots. Spend every night dancing and meeting new people from all over the world. A typical season begins in April and runs through October but as you can imagine it slowly gets busier as each month passes. When June hits the strip starts to reach its busy period and most places are fairly full. Heading into June, July and August the place is full and buzzing with tourists and people partying into the night. The best time to hit the strip for the action is after 11pm but if you want to explore and chill most bar’s are open from 9pm.

The Ayia Napa strip takes about ten minutes walk from one end to the other so you will find most of the action in a condensed area unlike other resorts where taxis are necessary. The strips location means that it is within walking distance from most hotels (check hotel guide) in our (Cribs & Rides) section.

The area is inaccessible after 8pm for mopeds, and quads and cars. So it’s a good idea not to use these means of transport when going out at night. If you will be consuming alcohol do not drive any forms or transport at all for obvious safety reasons. The strip allows you to experience many things. Relaxing early evening with a cocktail or partying hard until late by enjoying a bar crawl or club tour. After the clubs you can enjoy your favourite fast food from one of the many fast food venues. One end of the strip is called the square which was the first area to be built up and used to be the only busy part of the area, nowadays each end of the strip area is as popular as the other. The famous square is made up of 5 bars of which 3 have combined and become the popular Circus Square where a Monday night street party takes place.

Imagine being on the strip amongst thousands of people with your very own camera crew following you and your friends around like a true VIP ? Check out our (The Only Way is Napa) section for more info.