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Shops in Ayia Napa can be found all across the resort and a great selection and choice is available covering all your shopping needs and requirements. If you love shopping then Ayia Napa shops have something for you and would take up a good 2 days of your time to get round them all starting at the west side of the resort heading east down Nissi Avenue travelling far out towards the eastern coastal road. Shops in Ayia Napa are fully stocked and functioning from 9am until 9pm at night 7 days a week all summer long. You can browse the finest gold shops our favourite being Venezia Oro, The famous Acappela music store and the awesome souvenir and toy shop called Pow the shop all listed below. You can also buy some trendy garments from the world famous London clothing Ayia Napa, designer shoe and handbag stores and many souvenir shops having you in browsing heaven all day long. Treat yourself to a new bikini or outfit for the evening or just stock up on those souvenir gadgets those back home just love to receive on your return.

We found that there is some real high quality and world renowned brands on hand at pretty fair prices so if you are designer mad or you just love a bargain the shops in Ayia Napa have something for you or a gift for a friend or loved one.

On a good day you will find some great offers at some of the classier more expensive stores which you can take advantage of and save some of your well earned euros.

Here below we have listed a few of the best shops in Ayia Napa for your benefit to help you discover the best from the beginning of your Ayia Napa shopping experience.



Acappela music store Ayia Napa is the biggest music, movies,...
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Pow shop

Pow! The shop Ayia Napa is the coolest, refreshing and...
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Venezia oro

The Venezia Oro jewellery shop Ayia Napa is the home...
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