Our Ayia Napa Restaurant guide is aimed at listing and introducing you to the fine delicacies and cuisine’s the Ayia Napa restaurant’s have to offer. There are over 60 restaurant’s in resort and more than 150 places to eat guaranteeing to satisfy your taste buds and give you a different place to eat everyday for a 5 month period. However most vacations are 7-14 days long so you need some good guidance to get the most out of your dining experience in the short time you have in resort. Bearing this in mind we only shortlisted the best tastiest and most popular venue’s to dine in.

We help you locate English breakfast hotspot’s and good old Sunday dinner’s in our UK traditional section venturing onto local Cypriot cuisine’s of Lamb Kleftico, meze’s and souvlaki. You can devour Asian or Mexican food, Seafood, Grill’s, fast food or hot and cold bakery meals and snack’s. The Ayia Napa restaurant guide has something for everyone for everyday. Most places you wont have to reserve a table as the lovely staff should be able to squeeze you in most day’s these finer details on certain place’s can be found on the independent establishment’s information.

If you find yourself on a all inclusive holiday package don’t let that restrict you or confine you to just your hotel’s restaurant as you will be missing out on many brand new and amazing taste’s and tradition’s in and around this wonderful resort. We like to think that when travelling to a new country it’s always a fabulous idea to try and understand and get to know the new culture in as many way’s as possible and it does really begin with local dining and of course a few basic pleasantries of the language which makes you feel good, learn something new and gain lot’s of respect from the local people.



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