Waterworld Waterpark Ayia Napa

Waterworld Waterpark Ayia Napa is the most visited daytime attraction with local and tourist visitor’s enjoying it’s greek mythology themed feature’s. Thousand’s of people enjoy Waterworld Waterpark Ayia Napa everyday through it’s annual season from April until October. The weather allows these month’s to be enjoyed comfortably around the venue. If your on holiday it’s a good idea to visit on week days’s as the local’s mainly visit on the weekend’s and the place can get pretty busy. Ticket’s can be purchased at various places around resort and you can find out the slightly varying price and ticket purchasing info via your hotel or visit waterworldwaterpark.com. The venue is a fair size and has eighteen different attraction’s you will want to check out and enjoy so give yourself plenty of time by arriving early.

Waterworld Waterpark Ayia Napa is open from 10am daily and closes at 5pm April and October and from May until September it’s open until 6pm. So if you arrive by 11am you will have time to get around all attractions, grab some lunch then get round all the attraction’s a second time before closing time. The attraction’s include Aphrodite’s bath’s, Apollos plunge, Aeolos whirlpool, Atlantis activity pool, Chariot chase, Panaides waterwork’s, Drop to atlantis, Minotaurs labyrinth, Pegasus pool, Phaethons flume, Poseidons wave pool, Odyssey river, Serpentine slide’s, The fall of Icarus, The quest of heracles, Trojan adventure, Zephyr’s breeze and Kamikaze slide’s thunderbolt and lighting. The craziest and fastest and favourite’s of ours have to be fall of Icarus, drop to atlantis, kamikaze slides and The quest of heracles which are deffinately for the adrenaline junkies.

There are multiple fast food and sweet treat spot’s to satisfy those who don’t want to waste much time check out Homer’s burger palace, Minotaur’s pizza or Siren’s fish and chip’s. If you enjoy sugary treats like donughts, ice cream and waffle’s drop into the creperie or one of the little kiosk’s dotted around. You will burn lot’s of energy in Waterworld waterpark Ayia Napa so you might want to chill out and eat a meal or something a bit more healthy for lunch there is a great range of cooked meals available in the Dionysos restaurant which seats 350 people at any given time. There are secure locker facilities available near the entrance where you can leave your belonging’s for the day and you can also obtain a photo souvenir near the entrance and make sure you check out the awesome shop for your waterpark gift’s and merchandise. Other facilities include the Hygeia fish spa located in a central position in the park and the EMW Go Cart Circuit just outside the main entrance.

For JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER buy a full price ticket and come a SECOND DAY for JUST €19 (for visitors 13 years and over) and €12 (for visitors 3-12 years).
Valid from June 2nd until and including September 30th.

(Visit Customer service on your first visit to claim your 2nd day discount.)

WaterWorld Themed WaterPark Ayia Napa