Venezia Oro

The Venezia Oro jewellery shop Ayia Napa is the home of the most magnificent and luxurious jewellery you can find in the whole resort of Ayia Napa.

The mesmerizing store has more than twenty years experience in the business and their professional staff will help you the find the best gift for you or your loved one. Expect to be gently advised and guided towards your perfect purchase when communicating with the friendly staff who are their to help you discover a taste for jewellery items you never knew you had.


In Venezia Oro jewellery shop Ayia Napa you can find the biggest brands in the world of jewellery such as Carrera, Talento, Italiano, Baraka are only a small part of the unique collection available. The shop offers great varieties of Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Watches and of course a special collection of men’s jewellery. You can take some time to go through their fine collection of unique one off items found amongst an array of quality goods plus take advantage of their watch servicing and jewellery cleaning. Venezia Oro Ayia Napa also allow you to design your own unique piece of made to order jewellery making them stand out from the rest for more than one reason.

Venezia Oro jewellery shop Ayia Napa is a stylish and modern place where women and men from all ages can find exactly what they are looking for to suit any taste or occasion. All the items are displayed and easy to view in glass cabinets and units perfectly layed out around the store making it easy to find your perfect quality branded item. We noticed that Venezia Oro jewellery shop Ayia Napa not only mainly stock high quality beautiful items but their price strategy is fair and of impressive value.

So the next time you are in Ayia Napa on vacation or just passing through make sure you go to see this marvellous place fulfilled with glamour and style with the perfect gift or item for anybody waiting to be purchased at a great price.

Don’t forget you can use your Ayia Napa Tv discount card in store to claim your discounts.

You can find us on Nissi Ave Ayia Napa opposite the An Maria hotel next to Acappela music store and Pow souvenir shop.