Pow The Shop

Pow! The shop Ayia Napa is the coolest, refreshing and most fun shop that one can visit.

The moment you enter the shop you are actually entering the fantastic world of movies, video games, clothes and souvenirs wrapped in the faces of your favourite characters and idols from your childhood through until today. This is the place for everyone.

Pow! The shop Ayia Napa gives such a unique experience upon visiting which just takes you back from being an adult to a child within moments. Their younger visitors faces glow as they enter the store as well, you can take a photo next to Hulk, The Joker and even Dark Vader. Jackie Chan is right next to you to protect you and of course Lara Croft to save the day.

Pow! The shop Ayia Napa is giving you the chance to buy the best souvenirs to keep the memories from your stay in Cyprus or even to surprise someone back at home with a blast from their past or just a unique gift.

Don’t think this awesome souvenir shop in Ayia Napa is a new store. Pow! The shop in Ayia Napa is been on the market for more than two decades always bringing you the best and the newest video games, movies and souvenirs. Their staff are highly experienced and super friendly and are always there to help you find your perfect treat gift or present.