Only Way Is Napa...

Only Way Is Napa...

Paint and Foam Parties AyiaNapa

  • May 11, 2019

The Paint Party in Ayia Napa is held every Tuesday at The Club Ice arena and is definitely worth a bash.

Paint Parties in Ayia Napa are immense and lots of fun for sure. The climate is perfect as it’s so hot in summer you are entering the club in ideal paint party attire. You would imagine that dressing in white and that your outfits will get completely ruined but this is not entirely true. When you go to a paint party in Ayia Napa Its better to wear colored clothing as sometimes the paint can stain white but seems to come out of colored clothing easier. Don’t wear your best outfit for this event but you can rest assured you can get the paint out of most items.

It will help to try and soak them in the bath when you get back to the hotel but don’t flood the place in the process. The paint is skin friendly and is not a problem if it goes in your eyes or splashes in your drink so you should not worry too much and just get right in amongst it. Their are paint cannons and spray gun’s intermittently shooting and spraying different colors all over the crowd whilst playing the finest in Dance, house, and chart-toppers to give you an ultimate feeling of euphoria and being completely carefree and loving life.

The paint parties in Ayia Napa are definitely worth checking out its a great laugh, you will look like a walking rainbow and meet some new walking rainbows whilst you’re at it.

Foam Parties in Ayia Napa are equally as much fun as paint and are both weekly events in the resort it’s actually good to wear white as it cleans up white shoes and clothing nicely. The foam parties in Ayia Napa won’t damage your clothing or harm you in any way as long as you are responsible and don’t slip or trip. If you are claustrophobic it’s a good idea to stay around the edge of the dancefloor as in the middle the foam reaches 2 meters and can cover your whole head and body. If your wild like most you will want to be right in the middle chanting for more foam with your friend’s. Foam parties in Ayia Napa are lots of fun with great music and atmosphere so get yourselves involved.

Paint party 2019 weekly at Club Ice Ayia Napa.

For tickets and info add our rep Daniel on what’s app or call free from a UK contract sim. 00357 976 28429. He can meet you on your arrival to advise the best events/packages and places to visit.  

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