Fairground Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Fairground can be seen from all over Ayia Napa from far and wide as it’s big wheel illuminate’s the skyline of the south coast. The fun fair & lunar park called Park Palaitso has dozen’s of feature’s and is a popular place to visit for tourist’s and local’s alike.

Park Palaitso Fun Fair fairground in Ayia Napa cover’s an area of around 30,000 sq metre’s making it the biggest in Cyprus. It has 28 different attraction’s of all kind’s for small children, big kid’s, adult’s and adrenaline seeker’s. A huge parking facility is on hand which can hold over 300 car’s as well.

Park Palaitso Fun Fair Fairground and lunar park Ayia Napa was built in 1999 and rapidly expanded and become more popular over the year’s. In 2010 the giant big wheel was added which stand’s at a breath taking 45 metre’s high and can be seen from nearly every hotel in resort with it’s lighting system which light’s up it’s lanky frame for all to see.

The biggest and most extreme attraction is the sling shot which fling’s you 90 metre’s in the air at an instant speed of 160km per hour then rotates you at the peak before dropping back to earth ahead of it’s second spring action. You can purchase a video from the go pro camera strapped in front of the face of you and your shot accomplice after your ride and they will throw you a t shirt souvenir in as well.

There is many fun way’s to spend your visit to the fairground in Ayia Napa including the giant F1 booster, bumper car’s, merry go round’s, water feature’s’ waltsers, the dance party, bumper boats, and plenty of ways to win that fluffy toy like tin can’s, shooter and fishing grab. Ayia Napa Fun Fair is great to explore on a evening with friend’s as it’s open from 6pm through until midnight and really does have something for everyone. Their is a dining area to sit and enjoy if your peckish and many places to grab a good old fairground treat like doughnut’s and candy floss. Find a kiosk and exchange your cash for tokens which are spent around the complex on all ride’s of every type. So go ride that sling shot with your best mate or the big wheel which your loved one for a romantic viewing of the Ayia Napa surrounding’s.

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