Club Shuffle Ayia Napa

Positioned nice and central on the strip Club Shuffle Club Ayia Napa named Retro and Bagleys in previous years is the home of deep house and underground beats. Fresh brand events like Flirt Ayia Napa and the This is Underground event reside here on a weekly basis.

The clubs versatility means you can enjoy many genre,s of music from what its resident Dj,s bring on different nights of the all summer you can enjoy Its cosy 400 capacity venue which gives you a intimate raving experience which a lot find moorish rather than some of the bigger clubs.The Dj box is positioned above the large dance floor connecting entertainers nicely with the people partying below. Jump up on one of the platforms provided at each end of the club to strut your stuff and master your Shuffle.
Welcome to Shuffle Club Ayia Napa