Cliff Jumping

Like a challenge? Want a free adrenaline hit? Check out some of the multiple locations to cliff jump in and around Ayia Napa, but bear in mind some are safer than others. Please make sure you are jumping in a safe area clear from any obstructions and you enter the water nice and straight with your arms against your torso and always keep safety in mind. You can jump from the back of the little island at Nissi Beach but we highly recommend you do not do this as there are rocks below that could seriously injure you. Safer spots are located within a 5-10 minute ride up the coastal road towards Protaras. These are easily accessed with transport of some kind (Have a look in our cribs and rides section for all your rental needs. Head towards Protaras out of Ayia Napa, in around 5 Km you will see the sign for Cape Greko, take a right turn and then right again following the gravel road which will take you down to a great Cliff jump spot.

Another awesome spot is located further along, turn right at the Cape Greko sign keep following the road turn right at the burger van then your first left and follow the road. Many ledges vary in height behind the beautiful white church conveniently positioned for you to say a quick prayer before you throw yourself from the 40Ft cliff into the inviting Mediteranean sea below. Steps are provided for exiting the water and for convenient snorkeling access.

(Top Tips)
Never cliff jump or Snorkel alone or under the influence.
Wear trainers to make exiting the water back up to the cliff top much easier allowing you to jump more often than your mates.
Take a screen shot of this info making you the tour guide in your group.

Don’t forget you can upload your epic jumps to our ”Napa Tube” section.