Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa

Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa dominates its end of the strip for many reasons. Firstly, the huge screen which overlooks the strip which can be seen from various hotels in and around the resort. It’s one of only a couple of karaoke bars on the strip and they cater for families with children until 11pm giving them great entertainment and a chance to be up on the big stage. The Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa is heavily themed and full of fun staff and a great compare helping you get involved with stage games and live singing with their 4000 song choices to sing along to.

Enjoy a drink from their cocktail menu which has an array to choose from including unique ones only available in the bedrock world and enough choice to suit all taste buds and desires. The bar hosts three bars in total with one of them out at the front so you can sit and have a drink with a great view of the world passing by which is a people watching persons dream location. The half-naked prehistoric barmen will be on hand to serve you anything you like at a fair price all night long and will always throw a few shots your way.

The Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa is a friendly place to enjoy every day of your holiday with unique qualities which allow it to stand out from the others. Become a star on the mainstage and entertain your family or friends and make some new ones in the process. A silent disco is available each night when all the other bars must turn off the music by law which is a lot of fun not and an experience not to be missed. Grab yourself some headphones and keep the party going with the compare live in your ears playing fresh and exciting tracks for you to sing along to.

Come and enjoy the best entertainment in town and become a star, enjoy our unique services drinks and experiences only available in this bedrock world. We cant wait to meet you !!!