Over the years the Ayia Napa strip has grown in size and business numbers. There are literally dozen’s and dozen’s of bars in Ayia Napa around the strip from one end to the other and back round again. Think you can bar crawl them all ? No chance ! which is a good thing as you can check a new one out every twenty minutes of every night your out on the strip and you probably still not have visited them all. There are many more located on the outskirts of the strip and square area and beyond heading down towards nissi avenue and the harbour and along the 5km stretch of nissi avenue out toward’s the water world waterpark bar’s can be found.


Bazaar Bar Ayia Napa

Bazaar Bar Ayia Napa...
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Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa

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Ecstasy bar

The Ayia Napa Tv...
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Elements bar

The Ayia Napa Tv...
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Igloo Bar Ayia Napa

Igloo Bar Ayia Napa...
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Pirates Inn

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Square bar

The Ayia Napa Tv...
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Bars in Ayia Napa have something for everyone, sporting event’s can be viewed at coutless places in out and around town with multiple screens showing live sport’s coverage. Plenty of bar n grill’s can be found as well which are our favourites on an afternoon or early evening as they are great to chill and have some grub and a beer before your late evening nap before hitting the town. Café lounge bars which the local’s and tourists alike enjoy. English pub’s, Russian bars, Scandinavian bars, Irish bars, welsh bars can all be found around resort. Music genre’s can differ around the strip as most bars are open from 8pm until 3 am where the main action is you can hear R&B, Hip Hop, Garage, Grime, House, Dance, Bashment, Reggae Ayia Napa bar’s play it all. When your walking along the middle of the strip you can hear the cranked up music of 2-3 places at the same time as the compete for custom making it sound like something you have never heard before until you and your friends make a decision of which one to enter.

Drink deals of all kind’s are on offer including free shot’s or 2 drinks for the price of 1.You can get 1 hour open bar’s in certain places which are mainly serving local drinks so if your specific about what you drink stay away from them and make sure when you order your drinks to ask for the brand of spirit or beer you require to make sure your not being given local stuff. It’s a bit more expensive but we believe you can feel the difference the next day. Bar’s in Ayia Napa also serve the fishbowls which a great fun if there is a group of you sat around a huge one and can save a couple of euros for you aswell.
Dont forget you can upload you pic’s and vid’s from your nights out on the strip and in the bar’s in our (Napa Tube) section we can’t wait to see what you have been up to.