Whats LIT?? The first Kandi Festival will be on Friday 31st May.

Whats LIT?? The first Kandi Festival will be on Friday 31st May. That’s when summer really hits Napa and the first of the live acts and artists touch down in resort. Kandi fest has many festival features and levels of entertainment on the big stage and will be every Friday with a minimum of 2 live performances throughout the night. There are two tickets options one with open bar and one without. The event starts from 7 pm at Water world waterpark and runs until around 11 pm, enjoy games and crowd interaction techniques by the 2 professional hosts and of course all the bangers young and old from an array of talented UK Dj’s, then there are coaches provided to take you to two after parties on the bar strip at Igloo bar and Club Ice until 5 am.

RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TODAY with no deposit required with our rep in the resort who will meet you on your arrival and advise you about anything you need to know during your stay.  OFFICIAL AYIA NAPA TV REP WHATS APP NUMBER+357 976-28429. This number is also FREE to call from any UK contract mobile.  Best Beach??Its a fine line between Nissi Beach and Makronissos Beach which are both stunning and sought after by millions of tourists over the years. Nissi Beach has live Dj’s and a buzzing beach bar plus the beautiful crystal clear water and golden sand. It can get very busy though and they squeezed whey to many sunbeds on the sand. The water all though looks stunning is very shallow and you have to walk quite a distance out to allow the water to cover your shoulders to swim. If you head away from the music and beach bar along towards Nissi beach hotel the water does get deeper a lot quicker. Over the years this iconic location as gone from being more of a Uk crowd near the Dj area of the beach to far more of an international crowd mainly Russians, where as before those type of nationalities where only the distant half of the beach away from the music and Nissi Bay beach bar giving you more of a chance to connect with your nationality of people due to the variety along the Nissi Beach/Nissi Bay coastline. Definitely highly recommended to spend a couple of days on Europes no 1 beach resort. Makronissos Beach has 3 unique and stunning interlocking sections and a discounted water sports facility with your Ayia Napa Tv Discount Card. This beach is quieter and more ambient with lots more room and golden sand to relax and play on. Equally stunning clear water which gets deep within 20 meters making it the ideal beach for a swim also. There is a small cute beach bar allowing you to have a beer or a snack and take in the true beauty of this underrated blue flag beach location. Find the mini private beach section created by mother nature for around 50 people behind the water sports section.  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM


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