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take away food

Here we give you a range of the best available take aways in Ayia Napa. There are many different varieties of food available across the resort of but strangely enough your take aways in ayia Napa options are limited. Ayia Napa Tv have a policy to only list the best and highest quality in services, functions and excursions so we do just that. Here we are in our (for the belly) section and we have gathered a good range of the best and most recommended food establishments for you to enjoy. Take aways in Ayia Napa available bring you enough choice to please your palate in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or appartment. Check out what we have listed below and dont hesitate to get something ordered.


Georgies Handy food

Georgie's handy food Ayia Napa is at the end of...
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Hungry Horse

Hungry horse Ayia Napa was established in 2001 and has...
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