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pool parties ayia napa

Ayia Napa pool parties are great fun, great for topping up your tan and pretty cheap to attend as well. Daytime option’s of what to do in Ayia Napa are not endless although you do have at least 6 day’s in resort you gonna want to go to the beach couple of day’s and chill around your hotel pool for a couple of days so you still have free days to make good one’s and fill, so it’s a good way to spend an afternoon or two on your visit attending a real daytime party with a Dj line up drink’s flowing and it give’s you the chance to wack on your favourite daytime outfit weather it be that bikini your saving for that special occasion or those designer shorts and matching flip flop’s you have been looking forward to repping.

Ayia Napa pool parties usually begin from around 1-2pm and start getting busier from 3 ish so you have a little time to recover from the night before. The finishing time can vary from 7-9 ish so drink plenty of water and keep applying that sun cream to keep your self feeling good and ready for the night and day’s ahead. Some have all inclusive drink’s and bottle’s of champagne included in your afternoon and you can reserve a VIP table along with a bottle or 2 of your favourite champagne or spirit in a nice private secluded area on a slightly raise terrace with a great view of the stage for you and your friend’s.

Ayia Napa pool party event’s are very popular with worker’s and tourist’s alike so expect huge crowd’s peak season and a great atmosphere getting you on a great vibe and loving life around a nice pool setting in the scorching sunshine all afternoon. Ayia Napa pool parties are mainly held at different hotel locations but Pambos Napa Rock’s hotel has the biggest venue and hold’s at least 2 each week although other celebrity pool parties do take place peak season.


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