A survey revealed that 95% of us would like to believe we were very important people and like to be treated that way by our parent’s, by opposite member’s of sex in relationships, and through general respect from other’s. So we understand when you go on holiday you are faced with a brand new environment full of people you have never met before and in general people want to stand out a little, look good in front of other’s and appear to be high up on the social calendar. Well we can help you with that quite significantly and create you a life long unique souvenir of your amazing vacation in the process.

”The only way is Napa” facility does what it say’s on the tin, it makes you and your friends instantly become VIP’s in Napa and leaves you thinking that the only way is Napa. Its like Essex but without the drama !! You can reserve your very own film crew kitted out in TV marked T- shirts and name tags to follow you and your group in resort. Yes, be a ”Napa V.I.P at an event of your choice and for an afternoon of your choice where ever you choose to be filmed, at the beach? by your pool? shopping? boat trip? fairground? bunjee jumping or where ever you like. You can request a afternoon and a night on the strip or at a event or 2 events or a full day in the sun getting up to what ever you want with your very own personal film crew just like celebrities and true Napa V.I.P’s.

”The only way is Napa” was created to give you the opportunity to feel famous on holiday and cherish those mad moments you and your friends shared that you can’t quite explain the same to people that wasn’t there. It’s really up to you how wild or good you want to be but we will also edit your video respecting your discretion. Your video will be completed before you leave resort and will be in the form of a USB Stick or uploaded to our website as a central place for you and your group to view forever or you can request it one or both way’s which ever way you prefer.

Interested in becoming a Ayia Napa V.I.P with ”The Only Way Is Napa ?

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