fast food ayia napa

We all like things to be done now and not have to wait, we want things done instantly and live in the moment. This is why the most popular food outlets in the world are fast food ones. If you make us wait longer than we expect, then we are not happy. Ayia Napa’s fast food outlets vary in many different ways and are normally quite on point, fast and tasty just the way we like it.


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You can enjoy the local fast food joints which are classically giros kebabs, chicken, pork or mixed. Good old burgers and fried chicken are also readily available around the strip and along Nissi Avenue and of course the good old 2 euro slice of pizza waiting for you outside a lot of the nightspots to tempt you when your at your weakest. Not forgetting a popular one with the workers and tourists alike. The awesome cheesy chips.

Ayia Napa’s fast food can be found all around the resort and it does cater for some of your all time favourites such as Mc Donald’s which is located 5 minutes walk from the strip near the fairground. Kentucky Fried Chicken lovers you are covered too. Which is located between the strip and the harbour. Also, there are 2 pizza huts that can be found at each end of the town.

Ayia Napa’s fast food is easily accessible, good quality and definitely offers something for everyone. So, if you over indulge on the strip the night before like many of you do. Your needs can be satisfied in an instant. Night and day you can restore your energy, with fast food fixes, which will set you up for your next adventure. Well priced instant snacks all round the resort is what a holiday in the fast lane needs to keep things moving.