Barcrawls in Ayia Napa are great fun and a great way to spend your night venturing around multiple bar’s with huge crowds of people. If you love dancing, watching or taking part in some fun game’s then this is for you. They are pretty cheap and for what you get for your money well worth it. Barcrawls in Ayia Napa run weekly and there are a few to choose from but here on Ayia Napa Tv we only list the best, busiest and wildest.


Mayhem Barcrawl

Mayhem barcrawl is Ayia Napa’s leading and most established barcrawl....
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The Partyhard Barcrawl does just what it says on the...
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So they normally kick off around 8pm at various meeting point’s so you turn up with your pre bought ticket and exchange it for a t shirt and wristband which assures staff that you are part of the crawl and your entrance to an after party is credited. Everyone is well looked after all night and you are catered for by a team of staff making sure you all stay together and drink plenty of free shots throughout your evening. Averagely visiting 6 different bars for around 45 minutes each venue means there is plenty of time to break the ice with hundreds of people, get involved in crazy games and do a fair amount of drinking. In each venue your given the opportunity to have discount drinks, free shot’s and take part in various competitions. A souvenir can normally be obtained on the night of a group picture thats taken at the meet up point so be sure to get your mug in it. Later when the bars start to close your barcrawl in Ayia Napa will be rounded up and guided to your after party whether it be an open air pool party or club event.

Please remember on your barcrawl in Ayia Napa drink responsibly (cough cough) and pace your selves as its a long old session. Always make your way back to your hotel with your group dont leave anyone behind and dont walk off into the night alone on a mission its better to stay together.

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